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The Cause

School means so much more than just sitting in class. It means clubs, games, service events–a whole laundry list of activities that we explore and enjoy, every day. Sometimes, we do so much that it’s hard to pinpoint every activity we have ever done throughout our four years of high school, especially when we sit down to write college applications. And sometimes, we just want to explore what else our school offers–we want to join the clubs that actually meet, the classes where we actually learn something. That’s what Schoolar is for.

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The Solution

Schoolar is a hub of activities, a school community, and a resume, all-in-one. It’s easy, elegant, and fun to use, with its sophisticated design and user-friendly interface. Each school has its own Schoolar Hub, with a unique database of what is relevant to students there. Schoolar currently focuses on three main categories–classes, clubs, and events. Upon creating an account, students fill in their class schedule, enabling them to connect to students in their classes and automatically listing those classes on their profile, which eventually becomes like a resume. The same can be done for clubs. Once students are official members of clubs or classes, they can review those for prospective members or students looking to join those. A five star rating scale provides a quick overview of what fellow students felt about certain classes or clubs.

Schoolar enables students to remain up-to-date on the happenings at their school–the home page is a calendar that shows the meetings and activities planned for that day, so students do not have to sign up for a specific club’s email list just to get to know when meetings are held. Because club officers have to manually put meetings into the school-wide calendar, students can be assured that they are still active and will be a productive use of their time. Club officer and advisor contact information, as well as teacher contact information for classes, is also posted on specific pages for each club and class that contain all information related to it. Tags, topics, and a search bar make it simple to find what you want, when you want.


Customizable, Dynamic Profiles

Like LinkedIn, but catered specifically towards high schoolers. It's like having a constantly updating resume, but without having to do any of the work.

Cohesive Individualized Pages

Don't know what classes you want to take next year? Just look at the respective course pages and find reviews by the students that have taken the class before you. All the information you need at your fingertips. Or, rather, with just the touch of a button.

Personalized Calendars

So you can find meetings or events around you, that are both productive and of interest to you.

Made for You

Made by high schoolers, for high schoolers. We share the same problems as you too.

"I was shy and new at school, so I felt disconnected and uninformed compared to the rest of the school. Schoolar helped me feel like I was a part of a larger community because I found clubs where I met people who shared the same interests as me. I can't thank Schoolar enough."

Hana Lee, Student User, Class of 2021

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